Yogacise Back Inversion Table to Reduce Back Pain


When you combine the flexibility and muscle endurance of Yoga with the strength and muscle toning of resistance exercises, you get Yogacise! This yoga aid will help you achieve your goals of relieving vertebrae and disk compression, increasing blood flow, improving posture, increasing flexibility and easing the way to attaining relaxing yoga positions. Utilize the multi-positional toning straps and the front toning bars for a full body workout; everything from push-ups to biceps curls. A “must have” piece of equipment for the yoga and fitness enthusiast, whether you use it at home or take it with you to the yoga studio.

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  • As an aid for seated yoga positions
  • For improving Posture and Flexibility
  • As an aid for yoga head stand positions
  • To help relieve vertebrae and disk compression while increasing circulation
  • As a resistance exercise bench for upper body, chest, arm and shoulder training
  • As a body weight exercise bench for yoga, dips, push-ups and resistance exercises