Deluxe Back Wave Traction Bench • Back Stretching Table


G. Moroff  

I can honestly say that when I purchased the Back Wave traction bench it was the best investment that I ever made.

I have a degenerate disc problem in my lower back which has over 6 years caused me a lot of pain and discomfort especially first thing in the morning.

I use the bench twice a day 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes just before going to bed, I don’t do any fancy exercises, I just lay on it. After only 3 weeks I was able to get out of bed with NO PAIN and function through the day with no pain or at worst some minor discomfort.

Whilst it has not cured my back problem it has given me relief from the constant agonizing pain which made it very difficult to function through the day

Even with the tremendous freight cost from US to Australia which was more than the price of the traction bench, it was still the best investment that I ever made

The Back Wave bench is now my backs best buddy.