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7 Benefits of Drinking a Gallon of Water a Day

7 Benefits of Drinking a Gallon of Water a Day

Are there really any benefits of drinking a gallon of water a day? Is it too much water? How much water should you drink in a day? All important questions. Let’s discuss these questions in more depth starting with daily water intake standards. Daily water intake Up to 60% of the body is made up […]

5 Secrets to Taking Amino Acids After Workout vs Food

5 Secrets to Taking Amino Acids After a Workout vs Food

Ever heard of taking an amino acid supplement for post workout recovery? This article goes through what amino acids are, the best type to take, and five benefits to taking them. What are amino acids Before we dive into the reasons you should take amino acid supplements after your workouts let’s start with a review. […]

Critical Benefits of Exercise and the Lymphatic System

yoga lady improving her lymphatic system

Does exercise affect the lymphatic system? Exercise is very beneficial and even crucial to your body’s self-cleaning waste-removing system. Read on to find out how exercise helps your lymphatic system to function and the critical benefits it brings. The Lymphatic System The lymphatic system is made up of tissues and organs that help to detox […]