How to Become More Explosive in Your Workouts

man doing box jumps

If you are looking to become faster and increase your stamina while exercising and training, then you may want to become more explosive and focus on increasing your power. Continue reading to find ways to increase your power and explosiveness in training. The Difference Between Power and Strength Power and strength are similar, and the […]

Hiring a Virtual Personal Trainer is Catching on, Here’s 5 Reasons Why

hiring a virtual personal trainer

Your fitness and health are important, even during a pandemic. That’s why lots of people are hiring virtual personal trainers, to get the training their body needs, even while staying home. Virtual personal trainers come with many benefits. Here are five reasons why others have hired a virtual personal trainer, and why you should too. […]

5 Ways to Increase Human Growth Hormone Naturally to Build Muscle

Human growth hormone has become more talked about in recent years, especially pertaining to ways to naturally increase human growth hormone in the body. The benefits for a high amount of this hormone are many and because your pituitary gland produces less and less HGH as you age, naturally boosting human growth hormone is helpful. […]

How to Build Muscle on the Keto Diet

what is a ketogenic diet

In the medical community the keto diet is a popular weight loss approach and a medicinal treatment for epilepsy. In the mainstream world though the keto diet can be helpful for athletes looking to get leaner and stronger and even build more muscle. While the traditional ketogenic diet isn’t necessarily a high protein diet, there […]

Intermittent Fasting 101: Muscle Gain and Weight Loss

Intermittent Fasting 101 - Muscle Gain and Weight Loss

Did you know you can feel full and have plenty of energy for exercise while only eating one or two meals a day instead of three or more? Intermittent fasting is a lifestyle change that affects when you eat but not necessarily what you eat. This eating pattern has seen a big boom in popularity […]