About Us

Here at Gym Junkeys, we’ve been customizing home workout spaces for 18+ years. We’ve also helped dozens of athletes get into top shape as well as working professionals that are looking to reach their fitness goals while balancing a busy life.

Now we are here to help YOU reach your goals and create the perfect workout space in your home with all the necessary components. From squat racks, to floor mats, to weights, and even health supplements – we will supply you with the vital pieces to your road to a healthier life, done entirely from your living quarters.

If you know what you want to accomplish, we can show you which products will be most effective in reaching your goals. For example, if you want to lose fat, we have health supplements to boost your metabolism and equipment to carry out an intense, calorie-burning workout.

3 Reasons to Shop at Gym Junkeys:

  1. – We can provide all the necessary equipment for you to customize an optimal workout space in your home to reach all of your fitness goals.
  2. – We offer training tips and healthy recipes to help you maximize the results of your workouts.
  3. – We price match! In order to give you the best, most affordable, pricing of fitness equipment, we are willing to match the pricing of any of our products you find on other sites. That way you can be sure to get ebverything you need for the best price around!

Every single deal we offer is for a limited time and every single product on our site is only available while supplies last. So, take advantage now and grab everything you think you might need. If you’re not sure what you need, please contact us with a detailed description of your fitness goals, what size space you are using to exercise and what equipment you already have. We will make sure to provide you with only what you need – nothing more, nothing less!

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